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The Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management



Long recognized as the gold standard emergency airway management textbook, The Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management, Sixth Edition, remains the most trusted reference on this challenging topic. This practical reference, edited by Drs. Calvin A. Brown III, John C. Sakles, Nathan W. Mick, Jarrod M. Mosier, and Darren A. Braude, is the foundation text for these nationally recognized programs: The Difficult Airway Course: Emergency™, The Difficult Airway Course: Critical Care™, The Difficult Airway Course: EMS™, and The Difficult Airway Course: Residency Edition™. Its hands-on approach provides the concrete guidance you need to respond effectively wherever adult or pediatric airway emergencies occur, including in and out of hospital settings, emergency departments, and urgent care centers.

The Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management, Sixth Edition

  • Includes new chapters on the Physiologically Difficult Airway; Human Factors in Emergency Airway Management; Intubating the Highly Infectious Patient (including COVID-19 considerations); and the Massively Soiled Airway.
  • Emphasizes practicality with step-by-step instructions, mnemonics, easy-to-follow algorithms, and rich illustrations.
  • Esteemed contributors from previous editions, Dr. Jarrod M. Mosier and Dr. Darren A. Braude, bring their extensive expertise in critical care and prehospital airway management, respectively, as new editors of this edition,

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The Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management, Sixth Edition

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Acknowledgments ix

Contributors xi

Section I Principles of Airway Management 1

1. The Decision to Intubate – Calvin A. Brown III 3

2. Identification of the Anatomically Difficult Airway Calvin A. Brown III 9

3. The Physiologically Difficult Airway Jarrod M. Mosier Bhupinder Natt 21

4. Identification of the Failed Airway Calvin A. Brown III 34

5 The Emergency Airway Algorithms Calvin A. Brown III 36

6. Human Factors During Emergency Airway Management Peter G. Brindley Jocelyn M. Slemko 48

7. Applied Functional Anatomy of the Airway Michael F. Murphy 60

Section II Oxygenation and Ventilation 69

8. Principles of Peri-intubation Oxygenation Robert F. Reardon Brian E. Driver 71

9. Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation and High-Flow Nasal Oxygen Alan C. Heffner 85

10. Mechanical Ventilation Alan C. Heffner 89

11. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Robert F. Reardon Brian E. Driver 96

Section III Basic Airway Management 107

12. Bag-Mask Ventilation Robert F. Reardon Steven C. Carleton 109

13. Extraglottic Devices Erik G. Laurin Leslie V. Simon Darren A. Braude 124

14. Managing the Patient With an Extraglottic Device in Place Darren A. Braude Eli Torgeson Michael T. Steuerwald 141

Section IV Tracheal Intubation 157

15. Direct Laryngoscopy Robert F. Reardon Steven C. Carleton Leslie V. Simon 159

16. Video Laryngoscopy Brian E. Driver John C. Sakles 178

17. Flexible Endoscopic intubation Alan C. Heffner Calvin A. Brown III 192

18. Blind Intubation Techniques Michael T. Steuerwald Steven A. Godwin Darren A. Braude 200

19. Emergency Surgical Airways Michael A. Gibbs David A. Caro Robert F. Reardon 206

Section V Pharmacology and Techniques of Airway Management 225

20. Rapid Sequence Intubation Calvin A. Brown III Ron M. Walls 227

21. Sedative-induction Agents David A. Caro Katren R. Tyler 240

22. Neuromuscular Blocking Agents David A. Caro Erik G. Laurin 248

23. Optimizing First Attempt Intubation Success Brian E. Driver Robert F. Reardon 258

24. Anesthesia and Sedation for Awake intubation Steven C. Carleton Alan C. Heffner 268

Section VI Pediatric Airway Management 279

25. Differentiating Aspects of the Pediatric Airway Robert C. Luten Nathan W. Mick 281

26. Pediatric Airway Techniques Robert C. Luten Christyn F. Magill Nathan W. Mick 297

27. The Difficult Pediatric Airway Joshua Nagler Robert C. Luten 306

28. Foreign Body in the Pediatric Airway Robert C. Luten Steven Bin Christyn F. Magill 318

Section VII EMS Airway Management 325

29. Introduction to EMS Airway Management Michael J. Keller Michael T. Steuerwald Estêvao M. Lafuente 327

30. Techniques in Prehospital Airway Management Chivas Guillote Darren A. Braude 334

31. Difficult and Failed Airway Management in EMS Michael T. Steuerwald Fred Ellinger, Jr. Joseph Loehner 352

32. Controversies in EMS Airway Management Jamie Todd Lauren M. Maloney Darren A. Braude 359

Section VIII Special Clinical Circumstances 369

33. The Unstable Patient: Cardiopulmonary Optimization for Emergency Airway Management Jarrod M. Mosier Alan C. Heffner John C. Sakles 371

34. The Trauma Airway Michael G. Gonzalez Ali S. Raja 382

35. The Neurocritical Patient Stephen Bush Bret P. Nelson 391

36. Reactive Airways Disease Heather Mahoney Calvin A. Brown III 400

37. Distorted Airways and Acute Upper Airway Obstruction Erik G. Laurin Ali S. Raja 405

38. The Pregnant Patient Megan Leigh Fix Rebecca L. Kornas 410

39. Cardiovascular Emergencies Rebecca L. Kornas Stephen Bush 417

40. Intubating the Highly Infectious Patient Katelin Morrissette Jarrod M. Mosier 421

41. The Massively Soiled Airway Darren A. Braude Rudolph Princi James C. DuCanto 425

42. The Geriatric Patient Katren R. Tyler Stephen Bush 431

43. The Morbidly Obese Patient Megan Leigh Fix 438

44. Foreign Body in the Adult Airway Tatsuya Norii Heather Mahoney Erik G. Laurin 446

45. Safe Extubation in the Emergency Airway Patient Matteo Parotto 452

Index 465

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