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Respiratory Care: Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology



Respiratory Care Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology is a comprehensive, highly illustrated text with a strong emphasis on cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology, acid/basis balance, and blood gas interpretation. This text will expertly guide students through cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology and serves as an ongoing reference throughout schooling and professional life. With brand new content covering genetics, the inflammatory cycle, and pulmonary remodeling this text provides students with the most current information on cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiologyRespiratory Care Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology was written with the understanding to prepare students for successful completion of the National Board for Respiratory Care Examination Matrix.

  • 2020 NBRC TMC style review questions at the end of each chapter and available as a Test Bank for instructors to utilize
  • Case Studies have been integrated within the chapters to facilitate the application of content and to foster critical thinking
  • Anatomy & Physiology Review Module is an interactive study tool that allows you to explore the human body presented in anterior, posterior and lateral views.
  • Throughout the text, key points are illustrated and important information is highlighted in Clinical Focus and Did You Know? boxes to ensure comprehension and to aid the study of critical materials
Table of Contents
  • Chapter  1  The Upper Airway
  • Chapter  2  The Lower Airway
  • Chapter  3  The Lungs
  • Chapter  4  Pulmonary Circulation, Bronchial Circulation, Systemic Circulation, and The Blood
  • Chapter  5  The Thorax
  • Chapter  6  Neurologic Control of Breathing, Receptors in the Pulmonary System, and Airway Disease
  • Chapter  7  Airway Secretions and Mucociliary Clearance in The Airways
  • Chapter  8  Pulmonary Hemodynamics
  • Chapter  9  Gas Laws and Diffusion
  • Chapter  10  Ventilation
  • Chapter  11  Lung Mechanics
  • Chapter  12  Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Physiology
  • Chapter  13  Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Chapter  14  Acid-Base Balance and Arterial Blood Gases
  • Chapter  15  The Heart
  • Chapter  16  Electrophysiology of the Heart
  • Chapter  17  Fetal Development and Fetal Circulation
  • Chapter  18  Respiratory Diseases




About the Author

Margaret V. Clark, MSc, RN, RRT-NPS, CMPP

Margaret V. Clark has more than 30 years of experience as a medical writer, editor, and educator. Clark has specialized in writing for medical education, clinical practice guidelines, quality improvement initiatives, clinical research studies, and publication planning. She was a reviewer for the National Guidelines Clearinghouse and the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse on behalf of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). She has also written for Advance News Magazine, WebMD, and Reuters Health. Miss Clark was the Editorial Director for Medscape from WebMD for Pulmonary Medicine, Allergy and Immunology, Emergency Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine. She was the inaugural Pulmonary/Critical Care Editor of the peer-reviewed journal MedGenMed. Additionally, her textbook, Asthma: A Clinician’s Guide, has been translated into multiple languages and is used worldwide.

Miss Clark was the Clinical Coordinator for Pulmonary Medicine and Respiratory Care at Boston Medical Center/Boston University Medical School and as the Special Studies Coordinator for the Georgia Medical Care Foundation, a Quality Improvement Organization for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. She has served as an investigator for national and international trials and also written several other books and monographs.

Miss Clark holds a Master of Science in International Health from Touro University. She is the 1996 recipient of the Bird Award given by the Bird Institute of Biomedical Technology for her extensive writing in Pulmonary Medicine and in 2010 she was awarded the D. Robert McCaffree, MD, Master FCCP Humanitarian Award given by the Chest Foundation–American College of Chest Physicians for her volunteer work with inner-city children.

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