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Prehospital Behavioral Emergencies and Crisis Response



Prehospital Behavioral Emergencies and Crisis Response offer prehospital providers and mental health professionals a comprehensive resource on effectively handling behavioral emergencies ranging from large-scale disasters to substance-related emergencies, to psychotic disorders. This timely text also provides prehospital providers with suggestions for coping with job-related stress.

The text incorporates well-known information-gathering tools such as SAMPLE and OPQRST. As well as two essential new tools for evaluating patients in a behavioral emergency. The SEA-3, a brief and simple assessment tool designed specifically for gathering information about a patient’s mental status, and the SAFER-R model, a simple, yet thorough tool designed to help the emergency responder devise a quick and easy treatment plan for helping those in crisis.

“In the Field” boxes are scattered throughout the chapters and highlight vital information. Tips, and best practices that first responders can apply during an emergency call. End-of-chapter material provides vocabulary, chapter summaries, and quizzes. That allows the reader to check his or her knowledge and comprehension of the chapter.


  • Important tips for applying concepts to real-life situations first responders encounter in the field, including step-by-step recommendations for conducting assessments.
  • Quiz questions to evaluate students’ understanding of the material.
  • Crucial vocabulary that first responders should know when responding to behavioral emergencies.
  • Easy-to-follow methods for quickly evaluating behavioral emergencies using familiar information-gathering tools.

As part of our Continuing Education Series; instructors can use the manual and instructor resources for specific classes on behavioral emergencies or as a supplement to existing EMT-B, EMT-I, or paramedic classes.

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