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Preceptor Course, First Edition


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Public Safety Group’s Preceptor Course provides everything an EMS Preceptor needs to know to effectively guide today’s EMS student from the classroom to the field.

Step by step, this powerful course prepares the learner to master critical preceptor skills while integrating crew resource management, mental health, and diversity within each module.


  • Created in collaboration with GMR and endorsed by NAEMT.
  • 4 hours of expert training, with CAPCE credit upon completion.
  • 6 microlearning lessons are to be taken at the learner’s convenience.
  • Interactive narration and current videos to engage every student.
  • Knowledge checks in every lesson reinforce learning.
  • Lessons that enable a learner to foster an effective learning environment, communicate assertively, give constructive feedback, work through remediation, discuss ethics, assess critical thinking, boost student confidence, and much more.
  • Toolbox of checklists, videos, and additional scenarios to customize preceptor training.
  • Diverse representation to make learning relevant and inclusive.



PSG’s Preceptor Course uses Navigate technology to create an immersive, interactive environment that engages students, promotes deeper learning, and reinforces critical concepts.



Todd M. Cage, Sharon F. Chiumento, James Dinsch, Rom Duckworth, William Faust, Michael Kaduce, Edward Oliphant, David Page, and John Phelps


Available: 03/23/2023
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