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PHTLS: Online Continuing Education



 PHTLS: Prehospital Trauma Life Support Online Continuing Education offers a powerful assessment tool and a valuable learning experience for EMS practitioners.

Each clinical module in PHTLS Online Continuing Education includes an interactive patient scenario where EMS practitioners can apply the PHTLS principles and gain valuable experience in a convenient and safe online environment. The importance of XABCDE (eXsanguinating hemorrhage, airway, breathing, circulation, disability, and exposure/environment) is reinforced in every module.

PHTLS Online Continuing Education allows EMS practitioners to earn eight hours of CAPCE-approved credit. This course is designed for independent learners, and PHTLS cards will not be issued upon completion.

To purchase the PHTLS main textbook and course manual, which are recommended resources for completing the PHTLS Online Continuing Education, please visit this page.

For additional information about PHTLS, contact NAEMT at 1-800-346-2368 or today.

Types of PHTLS Courses

PHTLS meets various training needs in flexible formats, including classroom and online.

Provider Course:

16-hour course for EMTs, paramedics, nurses, physician assistants, physicians, and other prehospital care
practitioners. Offered as a classroom course and as a hybrid course (8 hours of online instruction followed by 8 hours in the classroom) in English. Upon completing the course, students receive a certificate of completion, a wallet card recognizing them as PHTLS providers for four years, and 16 hours of CAPCE credit.

Refresher Course:

8-hour classroom course for individuals who have completed the 16-hour PHTLS provider course within the past four years. A current PHTLS provider certificate or wallet card is required. Upon completing the course, students receive a certificate of completion and 8 hours of CAPCE credit.

PHTLS for First Responders Provider Course:

8-hour classroom course for first responders, including emergency medical responders (EMR),
Firefighters, rescue personnel, and law enforcement officers. Upon completing this course, students receive a certificate of completion, a wallet card good for four years, and 8 hours of CAPCE credit.

Online PHTLS Module:

An 8-hour online module that covers the didactic portion of the PHTLS course. Available in English. Upon completing the module, students receive a certificate of completion and 8 hours of CAPCE credit.

Instructor Update:

4-hour course for current PHTLS instructors provides a comprehensive overview of content and features of a new edition of PHTLS. This course is required with each new edition of PHTLS to maintain the current instructor status. Offered online in English and Spanish and may be provided as a classroom course in other languages


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