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PHTLS 10th Edition, Instructor Update


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PHTLS 10E Instructor Update

The NAEMT Instructor Update for the tenth edition is designed specifically for all approved PHTLS instructors to prepare them to teach the tenth edition of PHTLS: Prehospital Trauma Life Support. This update will cover the revised and new course content, including the updated ACS National Guidelines for the Field Triage of Injured Patients, an advanced discussion on the challenges of prolonged scene time, consideration of when to shift efforts from search and rescue to recovery in the setting of a drowning victim, the United Kingdom Fire and Rescue Guidelines for search and rescue, new content on blast injuries, clarification on the role of pelvic binders, presentation of the emerging role of prehospital blood transfusion in hemorrhagic shock in reducing 30-day mortality, and current content addressing special considerations, including weapons of mass destruction and environmental trauma.

PHTLS 10E Instructor Update

PHTLS: Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Ninth Edition instructor status is required for completion. After successfully completing the online instructor update, PHTLS instructors may begin teaching the tenth edition of PHTLS.

NOTE: Only current PHTLS, Ninth Edition instructors will be recognized as PHTLS, Tenth Edition instructors following the completion of this course.


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