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Mosby’s Human Anatomy – DVD



Offer your students compelling and engaging Anatomy & Physiology instruction in your EMS education program with Mosby’s Human Anatomy through Dissection Series for EMS. Through the use of dissection, this DVD set makes human anatomy relevant to prehospital care. Four DVDs demonstrate the important structures and vasculature for each of the following: the head and neck, the chest, the abdomen, and pelvis region, and the limbs. Videos include line art, animations, x-rays, and CT scans to reinforce anatomy concepts.

  • Dissections of both a male and a female cadaver. Show organs and systems of the body in vivid detail to help students understand their relationship to EMS education.
  • Drawings, animations, x-rays, and CT scans of body structures and systems. Show important landmarks to help students easily locate internal structures.
  • A respected host and paramedic coordinator from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Michael D. Cooney, assist in the dissection process relating Mosby’s human anatomy to prehospital care. Other participants include an emergency physician and a surgical physician assistant.
  • High-definition dissection video shows twice the detail as standard definition format, ensuring clarity of coverage for your students.

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