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Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews: Principles and Practice First Edition Instructor’s Toolkit



Fire service rapid intervention crews preparing for a class is easy with the resources on this CD, including:

  • Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews: Adaptable PowerPoint presentations that provide you with a powerful way to make presentations. That is educational and engaging to your students.  These slides can modify and edited to meet your needs.
  • Lecture outlines that provide you with complete, ready-to-use lecture outlines that include all of the topics covered in the text. Offered in Word Documents, the lecture outlines can modify and customized to fit your course.
  • An electronic test bank that includes multiple-choice and scenario-based questions, and allows. You to originate tailor-made classroom tests and quizzes quickly and easily by selecting, editing, organizing, and printing a test along with an answer key, including page references to the text.
  • Image and table bank that provides you with a selection of the most important images and tables found in the textbook.  You can use them to incorporate more images into the PowerPoint presentations, make handouts, or enlarge a specific image for further discussion.

The resources found in the Instructor’s ToolKit CD have been formatted. So that you can seamlessly integrate them into popular course administration tools.



  • Chapter  1  Basics of a Rapid Intervention Crew
  • Chapter  2  Planning for a Prepared Rapid Intervention Crew
  • Chapter  3  RIC On Scene: Preactivation Considerations and Actions While Staged
  • Chapter  4  Activation of the RIC and Organizational Considerations
  • Chapter  5  Rapid Intervention and Self-Rescue
  • Chapter  6  Skills and Techniques of the Rapid Intervention Search
  • Chapter  7  RIC Team Actions Once the Downed Fire Fighter Is Found
  • Chapter  8  RIC Skills: Rapidly Moving a Downed Fire Fighter
  • Chapter  9  RIC Stair Rescue Techniques: Variables, Challenges, and Skills
  • Chapter  10  Rescuing Fire Fighters Through Windows, Over Ladders, and From Restrictive, Limited Space
  • Chapter  11  Rescuing a Fire Fighter From Below Grade and Through a Hole in the Floor
  • Chapter  12  Fire Fighters Trapped in Attics
  • Appendix  A  The Multi-Purpose Prop: Purpose and Construction
  • Appendix  B  NFPA 1407: Standard for Training Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews, 2015 Edition Correlation Guide

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