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Field Training Officer Interactive, First Edition



Field Training Officer Interactive is a cutting-edge online course that provides comprehensive and concrete guidance on how to effectively perform the job of a field training officer (FTO). Extensively field-tested, the approach presented in this course has been used by the authors since 1998 and has helped train EMTs and paramedics in college, hospital, fire department, and third service programs. Experienced FTOs will find a variety of tips and techniques to supplement teaching methods they are already using. New FTOs can use these same tips and techniques to develop an effective approach to teaching and also evaluating students. It will help them “hit the ground running” as they assume their new duties.

Learn more about the Field Training Officer training program here.

  •  Check Your Knowledge questions throughout the course engage students and enable them to gauge comprehension.
  •  Video clips demonstrate key nonverbal feedback FTOS can provide in the field.
  •  Both text and audio narration are offered in order to address students’ diverse learning styles. So text and audio narration can be enabled or disabled at any time.
  •  Anytime, anywhere access that provides total flexibility for busy field training officers.
  •  A self-paced training environment that allows students to learn at their own convenience and pace

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Use Coupon Code: 22ETA56 Get 15% OFF