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Evidence-Based Practice for Health Professionals



Evidence-Based Practice for Health Professionals, Second Edition is a resource for health professions students, residents, and practicing professionals. It explores the basic concepts of evidence-based practice with a clinical emphasis. This text gives readers the knowledge and tools to make self-informed, evidence-based decisions, and to communicate effectively with professionals in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and nutraceutical industries.

Evidence-Based Practice for Health Professionals, Second Edition provides meaningful learning activities through communications such as writing a letter to an insurance company, explaining the evidence regarding treatment to a patient, selecting a diagnostic tool, and designing community-based educational materials. These applied learning experiences, along with clinical case studies, help students bridge the gap from the abstract concepts of research, statistics, and technical jargon to the concrete skills of healthcare decision-making and communications.

Each new print copy includes a Navigate 2 Companion Website that features interactive and informative learning resources that gauge understanding and help students study more effectively.

  • Learning Outcomes: To improve the student experience, Learning Outcomes in each chapter give the reader an outline of the content and topics to focus on.
  • Case Studies: Case Studies allow students to apply their knowledge of the chapters and understand scenarios that are likely to occur in their careers.
  • Chapter Exercises: End-of-chapter exercises help engage students in communication about evidence-based practice with other health professionals, patients, families, and professionals in related fields, including product sales representatives.
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Evidence-based Research in Health Sciences
  • Research Methods
  • Introduction to Research in Health Care

About the Author

Bernadette Howlett, Ph.D. – Affiliate Faculty, Kasiska Division of Health Sciences, Idaho State University, Idaho

Bernadette Howlett is an author, consultant, and educator who teaches evidence-based practice as an adjunct faculty member. She has been the Director of a research institute and also a Chief Research Officer of a medical school. Bernadette Howlett was an associate professor and research coordinator for a physician assistant (PA) studies program. She is currently an affiliate faculty member with the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences at Idaho State University contracted to design and teach courses in evidence-based practice as well as interprofessional practice. She has taught evidence-based medicine for 15 years and was the coordinator for a cumulative evaluation and a capstone assessment course in a physician assistant graduate program.

Bernadette Howlett is an accomplished researcher and has a doctorate in adult and organizational learning. She is also an expert in online education. In addition to teaching in a graduate PA program, Dr. Howlett has also taught graduate-level classes for nurse practitioners, dental hygiene, and public health programs. She also taught a freshman seminar course for more than 10 years. Dr. Howlett has coordinated and designed clinical trials and has written numerous publications, national paper presentations, and international conference presentations. She is a recipient of the John L.V. Bobell Award for Outstanding Dedication and Devotion to the Field of Adult Learning from the American Society of Training and Development.

Ellen Rogo, RDH, Ph.D. – Professor, Department of Dental Hygiene, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho

Ellen Rogo is currently a professor in the Department of Dental Hygiene at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho, and was previously an associate professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University College of Dental Medicine, Division of Dental Hygiene. She has been a dental hygiene educator for more than 40 years, with administrative leadership positions. As the coordinator of a degree-completion program and department chairperson. Her experience includes teaching courses in research methodology and evidence-based practice to undergraduate students. As well as supervising dental hygiene research, literature analysis, and synthesis, and thesis research for graduate students.

Dr. Rogo also mentors graduate students and faculty in their research, grant-writing, and manuscript preparation endeavors. Her accomplishments include numerous national and international presentations and publications in a variety of professional journals. In addition, she has authored several book chapters and has received a number of research grants. Dr. Rogo has designed, conducted, and published quantitative and qualitative research investigations on clinical and educational topics.

Teresa Gabiola Shelton, MPAS, PA-C – Physician Assistant, Boise, Idaho

Teresa Gabiola Shelton, MPAS, PA-C, is a physician assistant residing in Boise, ID, specializing in family practice and functional medicine. She holds a master’s degree in physician assistant studies, a national license to practice family medicine with the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA), and is currently licensed to practice in Idaho. Her undergraduate degrees are in foreign languages and business. For the past 15 years, her career focus has been in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. She has combined her knowledge of medical Spanish and Hispanic culture. As well as pharmacology and medical practice training for the provision of services in a family practice setting

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