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EpiPen Trainer



EpiPen trainer, made by the same company that makes the EpiPen ® and EpiPen. Jr. ® delivery devices do not contain a needle and cannot use in an emergency situation. Maximize training dollars! With this re-usable trainer, responders gain confidence in its use and will be able to deliver. This life-saving treatment quickly and confidently. The trainer enhances the learning experience in its design, by mimicking the steps necessary. when using the actual auto-injector, and in its behavior with an audible ‘click’, confirm. That the device presses firmly enough against the patient to activate.

EpiPen® Trainer practice device is designed to replicate the real EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr® Auto-Injector. Be prepared to respond to an allergic emergency (anaphylaxis).
  • Ideal for instructors or individuals who want to practice the injection technique.
  • Pressure-sensitive tip
  • Realistic design, with a cap and clicking mechanism that mimics the use of an actual EpiPen®
  • Safely and realistically allows students to practice EpiPen® administration
  • Commonly used in first aid training
  • Reusable and affordable
  • Includes trainer and instructions (printed on trainer)
The EpiPen® Trainer has the same mechanism used in the real EpiPen® but does not contain medication or the needle.

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