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Engine Company Fireground Operations, 4th Edition



The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Jones & Bartlett Learning are pleased to bring you the fourth edition of Engine Company Fireground Operations. This expanded edition incorporates the latest recommendations from UL and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) into every aspect of fire attack and ventilation and presents an extensive study of engine company fire ground operations.

This new edition is an ideal resource for fire service personnel preparing for promotion or studying for a civil service examination.

Firefighters and company officers will gain knowledge in fire science, building construction, and the effects of burning modern fuels that result in extreme fire behavior.

Engine Company Fireground Operations features include:

  • Detailed illustrations that show the tactics and approaches described in each chapter
  • Case studies of strategies and tactics that resulted in firefighter line of duty deaths, as well as those that were successful, incorporated into the recommended practices of engine company fire attack, rescue, and ventilation
  • Detailed information on size-up that applies risk management principles to the Value-Time-Size method, which considers survivability profiling and threshold limits, identifying problems, selecting strategies and tactics, developing a quick incident action plan, and applying a functional accountability system for safety
  • A significant emphasis on attacking residential and commercial basement fires
  • A one-of-its-kind chapter on fire ground operations and responsibilities for company level high-rise firefighting, with special attention paid to fire behavior within high-rise buildings
  • In-depth coverage of all the basic engine company responsibilities, including:
    • Equipment
    • Initial hose lays and water supplies
    • The deployment of attack, back-up, and exposure hose lines
    • Rapid intervention teams
    • Search and rescue
    • Master streams
    • Fire protection systems
    • Standpipe operations
    • Salvage and overhaul



  • Chapter  1  Introduction and Overview
  • Chapter  2  Fire Dynamics
  • Chapter  3  Building Construction
  • Chapter  4  An Analysis of the UL/NIST Experiments
  • Chapter  5  Equipment and Initial Hose-Lay Operations
  • Chapter  6  Apparatus Positioning
  • Chapter  7  Water Supply
  • Chapter  8  Initial Size-Up and Developing a Quick Incident Action Plan
  • Chapter  9  Search and Rescue
  • Chapter  10  Initial Fire Attack and Ventilation
  • Chapter  11  Backup Lines
  • Chapter  12  Exposure Protection
  • Chapter  13  Master Stream Appliances
  • Chapter  14  Fire Protection Systems
  • Chapter  15  High-Rise Firefighting
  • Chapter  16  Salvage and Overhaul



Chapter 10: Initial Fire Attack and Ventilation (View Now)


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