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EMT Refresher Interactive



Developed to serve as an online complement to classroom-based EMT refresher courses. EMT Refresher Interactive Allows course lectures to be delivered online. So students can reduce time off the job and learn at their own convenience while away from the classroom. EMT Refresher Interactive also provides instructors with helpful course management tools and allows them to spend more in-class time focusing on practical skills, discussion, and remediation.

This highly engaging course comprises 28 sequenced and narrated lectures. That features the latest medical content and concepts in topics that range from trauma to terrorism to teamwork. EMT Refresher Interactive features:

  • Built-in assessments to evaluate the comprehension of each lecture
  • An automatically populated grade book and other reporting tools for both students and instructors
  • Skill evaluation sheets that accompany each lecture to document hands-on performance in class

With EMT Refresher Interactive, up-to-date medical content combines with market-leading course management tools to help you deliver a more efficient and engaging course experience for those needing to recertify as Emergency Medical Technicians.