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Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured Online Instructor’s ToolKit



Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured Online Instructor’s ToolKit contain:

  • Lecture presentation slides (in Comprehensive and Focused formats)
  • Lecture outlines (in Comprehensive and Focused formats)
  • Skill Drills
  • Competencies and objectives
  • Approximate lecture times

Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured Instructor’s Toolkit


  • Section  1  Preparatory
  •   Chapter_1  EMS Systems
  •   Chapter_2  Workforce Safety and Wellness
  •   Chapter_3  Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
  •   Chapter_4  Communications and Documentation
  •   Chapter_5  Medical Terminology
  •   Chapter_6  The Human Body
  •   Chapter_7  Life Span Development
  •   Chapter_8  Lifting and Moving Patients
  • Section  2  Patient Assessment
  •   Chapter_9  Patient Assessment
  • Section  3  Airway
  •   Chapter_10  Airway Management
  • Section  4  Pharmacology
  •   Chapter_11  Principles of Pharmacology
  • Section  5  Shock and Resuscitation
  •   Chapter_12  Shock
  •   Chapter_13  BLS Resuscitation
  • Section  6  Medical
  •   Chapter_14  Medical Overview
  •   Chapter_15  Respiratory Emergencies
  •   Chapter_16  Cardiovascular Emergencies
  •   Chapter_17  Neurologic Emergencies
  •   Chapter_18  Gastrointestinal and Urologic Emergencies
  •   Chapter_19  Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies
  •   Chapter_20  Immunologic Emergencies
  •   Chapter_21  Toxicology
  •   Chapter_22  Psychiatric Emergencies
  •   Chapter_23  Gynecologic Emergencies
  • Section  7  Trauma
  •   Chapter_24  Trauma Overview
  •   Chapter_25  Bleeding
  •   Chapter_26  Soft-Tissue Injuries
  •   Chapter_27  Face and Neck Injuries
  •   Chapter_28  Head and Spine Injuries
  •   Chapter_29  Chest Injuries
  •   Chapter_30  Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries
  •   Chapter_31  Orthopaedic Injuries
  •   Chapter_32  Environmental Emergencies
  • Section  8  Special Patient Populations
  •   Chapter_33  Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
  •   Chapter_34  Pediatric Emergencies
  •   Chapter_35  Geriatric Emergencies
  •   Chapter_36  Patients With Special Challenges
  • Section  9  EMS Operations
  •   Chapter_37  Transport Operations
  •   Chapter_38  Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
  •   Chapter_39  Incident Management
  •   Chapter_40  Terrorism Response and Disaster Management
  •   Chapter_41  The Team Approach to Healthcare

NOTES: Only approved educators will be granted access to these resources. Please allow 1-2 business days for delivery while your educator status is verified. In some cases, not all instructor resources will be available immediately. Additional resources will be automatically added to your product as they become available.

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