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Crew Resource Management: Principles and Practice



Crew Resource Management (CRM) enables public safety teams to make the right decisions in the field quickly, safely, and together. CRM stresses the importance of having strong leadership in place to guide a team’s decision-making process while encouraging individual team members to share critical information to help the team leader make the right decisions during an emergency.

The six-step CRM process breaks down typical communication barriers by focusing on the team as a whole with a common goal. The six steps are:

  • Using inquiry to evaluate procedure
  • Using advocacy to respectfully question authority
  • Uses conflict resolution techniques to learn from errors
  • Using strong leadership to make group decisions
  • Observing and critiquing team decisions to meet mission goals
  • Fostering an open and accepting team environment, where members discuss options for team improvement

Crew Resource Management: Principles and Practice shows emergency response leaders how to implement CRM skills in their fire stations, in their ambulances, in their police vehicles, and on the emergency scene.

The key features of the Crew Resource Management program include:

  • Case Studies– Engaging and thought-provoking case studies help the reader to plan responses to wide-ranging emergencies. These scenarios provide the reader with an opportunity to see how CRM applies to the real world.
  • Ready for Review– Highlights critical information to take away from the chapter in a bulleted format.
  • Vital Vocabulary– Key terms and definitions are highlighted throughout the text. A complete glossary of chapter terms appears in the Wrap Up section at the end of the chapter.


  • Chapter _1  Introduction
  • Chapter_ 2  Organizational Story and Culture
  • Chapter_3  Creating a Culture for Learning
  • Chapter_4  The Critical Decision Process
  • Chapter_5  The Concepts of Crew Resource Management
  • Chapter_6  Understanding and Implementing Crew Resource Management
  • Chapter_7  Leaders, Followers, and Teamwork
  • Chapter_8  Postincident Analysis
  • Chapter_9  Maintaining High Reliability


About the Author

Assistant Chief Paul LeSage works for Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, an agency serving over 430,000 people in the Portland, OR Metro Region ( He has over 30 years of experience as a firefighter, paramedic, flight paramedic, command officer, and educator, and has degrees in Organizational Communications and Sciences. He is on the faculty at Oregon Health Sciences University as a Clinical Assistant Professor, and lectures nationally in the emerging fields of Fire and EMS Crew Resource Management, Critical Decision Making, High Reliability, and Deployment. Paul also built a publishing business from the ground up and has authored several fires and EMS Field Guides, along with articles and book chapters related to deployment and decision making.

Jeff Dyar began his career in the fire service in Brighton

Jeff Dyar began his career in the fire service in Brighton, Colorado in 1971 as a volunteer EMT. Since then, he has worked in private, public, academic, military, and federal capacities and has authored four books. Mr. Dyar held the position of Program Chair for EMS, Firefighter Health and Safety, and Counter-terrorism. The National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD for 12 years.

Jeff has worked at some of the largest events in modern history, assisting local response agencies on behalf of FEMA and the U.S. Fire Administration, including both World Trade Center events, 18 hurricanes, the Columbine School shooting, and the 2002 Winter Olympics. Jeff was the Chief of Operations for the National Emergency Operation Center for FEMA and oversaw dozens of national events.

He was recognized by the White House in two administrations for outstanding service and is a recipient of the James O. Page Award for his national contribution to Fire Service EMS by the International Association of Fire Chiefs. Jeff currently resides in southern Colorado and serves as a Fire Commissioner and President of the Board for the Upper Pine Fire Protection District in Bayfield, CO.

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