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Blizzard Baby Wrap



The Blizzard Baby Wrap is designed for maternity packs and is ideal for keeping newborn babies warm. Made from ReflexcellTM, the Baby Wrap provides unrivaled thermal qualities (equivalent to an 8 tog duvet). It is lightweight, just 55g, small and compact, being no larger than a mobile phone when packed.

Protect newborns from developing hypothermia immediately after birth with the Blizzard Baby Wrap. This innovative 3-layer insulating pouch, made of Reflexcell® material, delivers Tog 7 level of warmth that is both waterproof and windproof. A newborn may experience difficulty in regulating his/her core body temperature relative to the environmental temperature. The Blizzard Baby Wrap Reflexcell® technology traps warm air, the metalized surface reflects heat back to the newborn, elasticated triple-layer pouch draws material close to the body – reducing cold spaces & convection heat loss, thereby assisting in the maintenance of a stable core body temperature. The Blizzard Baby Wrap’s resealable double-sided tape closure easily allows paramedics to monitor the newborn while safeguarding the core body temperature. The Blizzard Baby Wrap is an important component of an EMS neonatal kit.


  • 3-layer pouch
  • Reflexcell® material
  • Double-sided tape closure
  • Waterproof
  • 7 TOG warmth
  • Available color: Orange
  • Flat-packed

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Weight 1 lbs
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