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Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured – Preferred Package



Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured: Navigate 2 Preferred Access unlocks a complete eBook, Study Center, homework and Assessment Center, a dashboard that reports actionable data, Fisdap Scheduler, and Skills Tracker, and Navigate 2 TestPrep. Experience Navigate 2 today at www.jblnavigate.com/2.

Based on the new National EMS Education Standards for Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, the third edition of Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injuredoffers complete coverage of every competency statement with clarity and precision in a concise format that ensures student comprehension and encourages critical thinking. New cognitive and didactic material is presented, along with new skills and features, to create an innovative AEMT training solution.

Topics including advanced pathophysiology, acid-base balance, fluids and electrolytes, intravenous therapy, intraosseous access, blood glucose monitoring, and administration of AEMT-level medications tailor this textbook to the Advanced EMT level. Additional online skills allow this textbook to customize for every AEMT training program’s unique needs. The third edition now includes:

  • New Pathophysiology chapter
  • Increased coverage of pharmacology
  • Stronger emphasis on critical thinking throughout text


Evidence-Based Recommendations and Protocols

Medicine is constantly changing and prehospital medicine varies across states and regions. The content of the Third Edition reflects the guidance and recommendations of its extremely experienced authors and its team of Medical Editors from the AAOS. Where possible, content is based on evidence, such as data from the field and studies published in the medical literature.

Current, State-of-the-Art Medical Content

The Third Edition meets and exceeds the National EMS Education Standards for the AEMT level. But the content also reflects the National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines (NASEMSO). The National Registry Skill Sheets, and Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Eighth Edition, from NAEMT and American College of Surgeons’ Committee on Trauma. Last but not least, this fully updated edition addresses the 2015 ECC and CPR Guidelines.

Strong Application to Real-World EMS

Through evolving patient case studies in each chapter. The Third Edition gives students a genuine context for the application of knowledge. This approach makes it clear how all of this new information will use to help patients in the field. Opportunities to apply knowledge equip students to ultimately become better providers.  Progressive case studies follow a comprehensive summary that answers the critical thinking questions raised throughout the case. The You are the Provider cases conclude with a Patient Care Report, showing the student exactly how the presented case would be documented.

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