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Actar D-Fib Manikins – Rental



ACTAR D-fib features a closeable airway and design facilitate jaw thrust. The chest rises and falls, but only if the rescuer achieves a patent airway. With ACTAR D-fib you save time and hassle: no bleach soaking is required and disinfection between users isn’t necessary. ACTAR D-fib’s disposable lung doubles as a face shield/barrier. ACTAR D-fib landmarks include navel, nipples, xiphoid process, Adam’s apple, and carotid artery crease. The fully modeled upper body accommodates automated external defibrillation (AED) training electrode pads. ACTAR D-fib can use for both child and adult compressions. No pistons, no elastics.

ACTAR D-fib manikins are entirely recyclable. No PVC.