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A Short Course in Medical Terminology



A Short Course in Medical Terminology

Retaining its logical organization, body systems approach, and focus on word parts, word building, and word analysis; the fourth edition of A Short Course in Medical Terminology reflects current medical usage and is now even more concise, student-friendly, and accessible. This edition features an enhanced art and design program, a more standardized chapter structure, and a vast array of in-text and online learning resources that help students master the language of medicine as they prepare for practice in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Each new print copy of A Short Course in Medical Terminology, Fourth Edition includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access!

  • This edition reflects today’s practice environment and has been rewritten to be even more user-friendly.
  • The full-color art program—now even more accurate and contemporary—features new photos, illustrations, and figures with enhanced text-art integration.
  • Structure and function sections use full-color illustrations to help you learn basic anatomy and physiology.
  • Case studies connect chapter material to clinical settings through real-world applications of medical terms.
  • In-text learning aids include learning outcomes, study tables that summarize terms, abbreviations tables that list common abbreviations and their meanings, and end-of-chapter exercises that help you master key terminology and word parts.
  • IncludesNavigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks online learning materials including an interactive eBook, student practice activities, study aids, and assessments.
  • Instructor resources include Slides in PowerPoint format, Test Bank, Image Bank, Lesson Plans, Syllabus Conversion Guide, Answers to Chapter Quizzes, and Student Worksheets.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter  1  Analyzing Medical Terms
  • Chapter  2  Common Prefixes
  • Chapter  3  Organization of the Body
  • Chapter  4  The Integumentary System
  • Chapter  5  The Skeletal System
  • Chapter  6  The Muscular System
  • Chapter  7  The Nervous System
  • Chapter  8  The Special Senses of Sight and Hearing
  • Chapter  9  The Endocrine System
  • Chapter  10  The Cardiovascular System
  • Chapter  11  The Lymphatic System and Immunity
  • Chapter  12  The Respiratory System
  • Chapter  13  The Digestive System
  • Chapter  14  The Urinary System
  • Chapter  15  The Reproductive System
  • Appendix  A  Answers
  • Appendix  B  Glossary of Word Parts with Meanings
  • Appendix  C  Glossary of Abbreviations
  • Appendix  D  Error-Prone Abbreviations, Symbols, and Dose Designations
  • Appendix  E  Top 100 Prescribed Medications


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