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12-Lead ECG: The Art of Interpretation, Second Edition



Welcome to the most comprehensive resource on 12-Lead ECG interpretation!

This all-encompassing, four-color text, updated to the new 12-Lead ECG: The Art of Interpretation, Second Edition, is designed to make you a fully advanced interpreter of ECGs. Whether you are a paramedic, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, medical student, or physician wanting to learn or brush up on your knowledge of electrocardiography, this book will meet your needs.

12-Lead ECG: The Art of Interpretation, Second Edition takes the complex subject of electrocardiography and presents it in a simple, innovative, 3-level approach. Level-1 provides basic information for those with minimal experience interpreting ECGs. Level-2 provides intermediate information for those with a basic understanding of the principles of electrocardiography. Level-3 provides advanced information for those with some mastery of the subject. The entire text is written in a friendly, easy-to-read tone. Additionally, the text contains real-life, full-size ECG strips that are integrated throughout the text and analyzed in conjunction with the concepts they illustrate.


The 12-Lead ECG: The Art of Interpretation, Second Edition adds a section of 50 new, real-life, full-size ECGs for the student to practice interpretation skills. Discussions of each ECG are included.


  • Part  1  The Basics
  • Chapter_1  Anatomy
  • Chapter_2  Electrophysiology
  • Chapter_3  Individual Vectors
  • Chapter_4  The Actual ECG: Paper and Ink
  • Chapter_5  ECG Tools
  • Chapter_6  The Basic Beat
  • Chapter_7  The Rate
  • Chapter_8  Rhythms
  • Part  2  ECG Interpretation
  • Chapter_9  The P Wave
  • Chapter_10  The PR Interval
  • Chapter_11  The QRS Complex
  • Chapter_12  The Electrical Axis
  • Chapter_13  Bundle Branch Blocks and Hemiblocks
  • Chapter_14  ST Segment and T Waves
  • Chapter_15  Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Chapter_16  Electrolyte and Drug Effects
  • Chapter_ 17  Putting It All Together
  • Part  3  Test ECGs
  • Appendix_Acronyms
  • Appendix_Additional Readings
  • Appendix_Glossary
  • Appendix_ECG Index
  • Appendix_Index


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