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12-Lead ECG: The Art of Interpretation, Second Edition



Unveiling Clinical Knowledge

Designed for proficient mastering, the ’12-Lead ECG: The Art of Interpretation’, Second Edition is meticulously crafted to enhance your understanding of electrocardiography. Primed for medical professionals ranging from paramedics, nurses, and nurse practitioners to physicians, this comprehensive guide paves the way for solid competency in electrocardiography analysis. Meant for a spectrum of learners, this text encapsulates a simple yet innovative approach catering to different proficiency levels, thereby making it instrumental in your quest to understand the subtleties of ECG.

User-Friendly Approach

The book adopts a friendly, lucid language, making it a best-in-class resource for those willing to learn or brush up their ECG knowledge. With a 3-level granularity, it addresses a wide range of users. Level 1 serves as a preliminary layer for beginners, Level 2 introduces intermediate insights for those with a basic understanding, and Level 3 offers an in-depth analysis for advanced learners. This progressive approach ensures a reinforced learning experience.

Real-world Cases and Insights

What sets this book apart is the integration of real-world, full-sized ECG strips throughout. These strips aren’t merely theoretical concepts but truly correlate with the relevance and implications of ECG learning. The second edition enhances the learning experience with a new section featuring 50 real-life ECGs and meticulous discussions to validate your interpretation skills.


  • Part  1  The Basics
  • Chapter  1  Anatomy
  • Chapter  2  Electrophysiology
  • Chapter  3  Individual Vectors
  • Chapter  4  The Actual ECG: Paper and Ink
  • Chapter  5  ECG Tools
  • Chapter  6  The Basic Beat
  • Chapter  7  The Rate
  • Chapter  8  Rhythms
  • Part  2  ECG Interpretation
  • Chapter  9  The P Wave
  • Chapter  10  The PR Interval
  • Chapter  11  The QRS Complex
  • Chapter  12  The Electrical Axis
  • Chapter  13  Bundle Branch Blocks and Hemiblocks
  • Chapter  14  ST Segment and T Waves
  • Chapter  15  Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Chapter  16  Electrolyte and Drug Effects
  • Chapter  17  Putting It All Together
  • Part  3  Test ECGs
  • Appendix  Acronyms
  • Appendix  Additional Readings
  • Appendix  Glossary
  • Appendix  ECG Index
  • Appendix  Index

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