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How to Redeem an Access Code and Create an Account

How to redeem an access code and create a new user account to start your access to a Jones & Bartlett Learning digital product. How to redeem an access code and create a new user account: open your web browser and navigate to we generally recommend using either firefox or chrome browsers for an optimal user experience from the jones and bartlett homepage click the redeem code option from the right of the horizontal menu at the top of the page proceed by reading the terms and conditions page that opens scroll down as necessary then click the agree button to continue the redeem an access code page opens where you must enter your 10-digit code in the access code field then click the redeem button the code is processed and a new optional course id field will open if applicable course ids are required in the event you are enrolling in an instructor-led course if you know your course id at this time you may enter it in the course id field provided if not you may leave it blank and click the continue button as you can enroll in your course id at any time review and confirm your product information on the following page then click the confirm and create new account button on the next page complete the fields required to create your personal user account scrolling down as necessary please note all fields under the account information and contact information sections are required unless otherwise identified as optional when you are done entering in the required details click the create account button your my account page will open displaying your new product and course id if applicable to open your product click on its name this takes you to a launch page for the first time displaying various options depending on your product type if you are accessing a standalone ebook self-paced course or previously entered your course id during registration you may click the red launch button to begin using your product if you are accessing digital content independently and do not need to enroll in an instructor-led course click the launch open enrollment course button if you are enrolling in an instructor-led course and have not yet entered a course id you may use the gray enter course id button on this page to enter it and enroll in your course if you don’t know your course id please consult your instructor or course administrator
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