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EMT Flipped Classroom: What It Is & Common Misconceptions

EMT flipped classroom is where students are doing work at home and then when they come to class we’re doing
higher-level application problem-solving kinds of activities, so instead of them coming to class and one of us lecturing clicking through a PowerPoint where they’re just sitting passively, they’re going to watch the PowerPoint or watch a lecture at home they’re going to work through some assignments take a pre-class quiz to make sure that what they did at home met the learning objectives, and they’re ready to actually apply and work through
some problem-solving activities in the classroom might be a card sort a task where they’re asked to prioritize and categorize information it might be a scenario full-on with equipment and working as a team could be where they have built a model of, say, infectious disease and so that sharing that they could conceptualize it actually understand proportion and size and how the information is delivered back and forth between students the other element you get in when you flip the classroom is the opportunity to observe some of the effective behaviors that when they’re just sitting inert in the classroom’s hard to tell but when they have to defend their answers to another when they’re teaching somebody else they learn communication skills they know how to interact with somebody they are you, and you’re able to assess all of those things how do they talk to patients about how do they treat other team members, and these are things we want to know before they leave the
classroom and are unleashed on the unsuspecting public I think some people think that as long as they do an activity or run a scenario they have flipped to the classroom, but those are folks I think who will run into the problem of feeling like they don’t have time to run scenarios or do activities in the classroom because they’re still trying to lecture as educators, boy we have a hard time letting go of the lecture we love to hear ourselves talk, so what we want to do is if you’re going to talk fine we’ll record it post it online now we’ve done that for you in the Ph.D. resources that have been put together in the EMT flipped classroom, so you don’t love to
see yourself on camera no problem, we’ve recorded somebody else doing that lecture students can watch it or they can read the e-book, or they can listen to the audiobook and then when they come to class everything you do, you’ll know that you flip the EMT Flipped classroom when everything you do is student-centered active and they are engaged in learning that’s where real learning and emotion is provoked and it’s real emotions that are the glue that makes a lesson stick you won’t transfer into novel situations in with on actual calls in real patient situations when these students are at work taking care of other human beings and how to do we
get that by making sure they’re engaged in on-task learning occurs.

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