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Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured Twelfth Edition

hello and welcome to this introduction to public safety group’s navigate premiere access for emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured 12th edition navigate is the public safety group’s online platform bringing together the powerful organizational tools of a learning management system with authoritative and interactive content aligned to course objectives the 12th edition’s premier package was expressly crafted as a comprehensive and best-in-class solution for a traditional or hybrid classroom setting within the navigate premiere package you will have access to build assessments and assignments with reporting capabilities to ensure your students are meeting program requirements students will have access to an interactive ebook study tools and assessments for a deeper understanding of curriculum and to start making the connections for clinical practice new to the 12th edition premiere package are nine active learning activities these have been hand selected from the flipped classroom package to help you facilitate a more engaging student-centered classroom the emt 12 question bank has been extensively reviewed and updated to meet the latest national ems education standards as a result 200 new questions have been added to this latest editions bank to provide you with a fresh pool of over 2 300 questions to use for student assessments the test questions can be utilized for customized higher level assessments to be deployed via paper pencil or directly through navigate online the course’s test prep tool offers students the opportunity to prepare for successful completion of certification exams powered by a separate bank of questions written by subject matter experts much like the nremt exams test prep questions require a great level of critical thinking many distractors are carefully crafted to include some level of plausibility forcing students to evaluate all the provided information and use their problem solving skills to determine the best answer to support this approach test prep items include a detailed rationale for every correct and incorrect answer helping students understand the why behind even the most challenging questions while test prep is designed to be a student independent study tool instructors may track and analyze student use and performance through the instructor dashboard a digital resource which truly sets the emt premiere package in a class of its own is the latest chapter-based interactive lectures these modules function as recorded slide presentations covering the key learning objectives introduced in the chapter with recorded narration accompanying each slide slides are gated preventing the students from skipping ahead and periodically require them to correctly answer a question on material previously covered before progressing to the next slide helping to ensure knowledge comprehension at the end of each lecture the student must complete a 10 question quiz which will automatically report to your gradebook as an instructor you may conveniently track individual learner progress and review their time spent the interactive lectures are an excellent resource to use in a hybrid learning model as makeup assignments or as a knowledge reinforcement or study tool welcome to module 2 workforce safety and wellness work as an emergency responder carries with it a level of increased risk compared to other professions the premier package also includes 13 public safety group virtual mentor lectures which are intended to supplement classroom learning and are ideal for students preparing for the nremt exam the video lectures focus on critical and complex ems topics with clear explanations provided for the areas where students have struggled the most engaging viewers through using real-life examples and visual aids it gives me great pleasure today to talk about crew resource management this is part of a revolution that’s sweeping health care in general but in particular in the next few years in addition our virtual ride-along videos offer students the opportunity to safely experience critical patient triage and treatment through real-life emergency situations 9-1-1 what’s your emergency uh yeah my uh my neighbor she called me over because she couldn’t get off the toilet and she wanted to call me or have me call you to get it all taken care of okay i’m going to transfer you over to a line of health ams that’ll help you okay each video begins with an emergency call into dispatch and concludes with a successful transportation of the patient precepted and narrated by david page the 17 unique scenarios include incidents of pediatric trauma psychiatric emergencies allergic reaction and mass casualty our ride-alongs are also available separately to bundle with any course package of your choice finally our last asset to the navigate book bag is our brand new soft skills simulations unexpected direction like this one call with a shoulder injury the soft skills simulations are a series of interactive scenarios that teach the importance of soft skills and provide techniques that can be used to improve overall critical thinking communication and teamwork what’s going on uh i i don’t know i started feeling tired and now you’re here what’s your name jason i’m not feeling so good using branching logic and decision paths learners can practice and get feedback to help them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate effectively and manage real-life situations helping to achieve better physical and emotional outcomes for patients and safer conditions for all in total three simulations offer a connected journey through skills for communicating in critical situations team conflict resolution and de-escalation in the field for additional information or to set up a webinar for deeper exploration of navigate premier access for emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured 12th edition please visit

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